Art for me is cyclic. My work is often completed in bursts and my personality seems to respond when my ‘back is to the wall’.

My painting often begins with a ‘flash’ in my mind’s eye – I see colour, texture and light. More often than not, the result is highly impressionistic, semi-abstract and emotive in response. These great swathes of colour are applied by a palette knife. I tend to paint in acrylics, first with washes, almost like watercolours and then subsequent layers are thickened with impasto medium (an other mediums) and hue, so the end result is luscious and tactile. I prefer working with acrylics because of their portability, flexibility and immediacy – and I find working with oils frustrating unless working wet on wet. I always complete my works with an acrylic medium to protect it, but I finish my work with an oil based gloss varnish, so it has the glossy appearance of an oil painting – and people often mistake my work for oils as a result.

Quite often I will use my own photographs as inspiration and I then re-interpret and rebuild those images onto a large canvas. I love working large. Occasionally I use other people’s photographs for inspiration – although the finished product invariably feels and looks different from the original picture. In fact I often take things out and add things in, to fit into my vision or interpretation of the image.

I am profoundly affected by the crush and chaos of nature up close and nature’s colourful displays. It has always been my intention to paint works full of colour and light. There is so much darkness and tragedy in the world, why give it another medium? I’d rather my work was uplifting and comfortable to walk around.