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I’ve been a senior newspaper features journalist and I ran my own property copywriting business for a number of years. For six years my copywriting business delivered a service to the real estate industry in Melbourne’s inner east, Geelong and surrounding districts. I wrote up hundreds of residential and rural properties, creating campaigns for print media, internet and magazine editorial. I also completed a number a independent contracts for advertising firms as well as being actively involved with corporate identity concepts and design. I’ve also written for magazines including Australian Country Style.

Art and Ceramics

A short sojourn living in Queensland saw the bulk of my novel written but Queensland was also where I discovered pottery and ceramic art. I learnt the basics in a studio open to the outdoors, with sweat dripping down my back! Since then, I’ve been honing those skills, and hungry to learn more. There is something really exciting about creative process, and I have become addicted to another one.

This passion has continued unabated and has been the inspiration for the re-launch of my business  — Hope & Co — We working hard to open a new studio space in Hamilton by Christmas 2019.

This arts and pottery studio will also become a central point for creative workshops, artisan-style pop-up markets and collaborations with other creatives in the region. I really want to bring people together.

Check us out on Instagram at: @_hopeandco_)

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